1. The Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) has launched the New Clark City (NCC) Website in March 2021, with the aim to promote NCC as a prime business, lifestyle and sports destination in the country.
  1. The NCC Website serves as a marketing and communications platform for interested parties who would want to locate or set up their business or hold events in New Clark City.  Further, the website  promotes ongoing as well as upcoming developments in the area.


  1. With the fast transition of technology, there is a need to maintain and improve the current NCC Website. The maintenance of the website shall be required to keep the website framework up-to-date and reduce the potential of security compromise.


  1. This consulting services project aims to:


  1. Maintain and support the current NCC Website to help the organization achieve its primary objective of marketing and at the same time target a wider array of customers both locally and abroad.


  1. Provide hosting services to the NCC Website and keep it live and accessible for users to gather data on NCC at any time regardless of location and type of device used thereby


  1. Keep the NCC Website up to date with the latest software, features and functions while overall improving user experience to visitors.


  1. Ensure security to the NCC Website by fending off cyber attacks, securing sensitive information and ensuring smooth website operations thereby allowing its users, both internal and external, to access the website without incident.


The existing website was developed with the following technical specifications:


    • Content Management System (CMS)
      • Wordpress: v5.7
      • PHP: 7.2.34
      • Apache: 2.4.6
      • MySQL: 5.7.33
    • W3C Validated HTML5 Doctype
    • Browser compatible pages
      • Microsoft Edge
      • Firefox 3.x
      • Chrome
      • Safari
    • Semantic markup
    • W3C Validated Cascading Style Sheets
    • Languages: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and CSS Development
    • Responsive Design and Layout (Mobile, Tablet, PC)


  1. This consulting firm should have the following qualifications:


  1. The proponent must have two (2) years of experience in maintaining, troubleshooting, and handling technical back-end of websites;
  2. The proponent must be registered online with the Philippine Electronic Government Procurement System (PhilGEPS) (http://www.philgeps.gov.ph) as a legitimate service provider for government requirements and services;
  3. The proponent must have handled at least three (3) projects similar to the project being bid out
  4. The proponent must have handled at least one (1) website project equivalent to at least fifty (50%) of the ABC or amounting to Php 500,000.00.
  5. The proponent should follow the Government Website and Hosting Standard (GWHS) to ensure the security protocol in terms of server specification, data security and privacy settings.


  1. This consulting firm should have the following team composition:


  1. One (1) Account Manager – dedicated to the BCDA account and on call by BCDA to ensure delivery of quality output and timely execution of the plan;


  1. One (1) Lead Programmer/Full Stack Developer - dedicated to managing the coding, backend programming and database development of the website including infrastructure, system design and business process logic.


  1. One (1) User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Designer – visual thought leader skilled at leading the creative process and the creative team, from concept to execution and being able to provide structural design solutions.


The consultant may assign other project staff whose functions and specializations are necessary to accomplish the aforementioned deliverables but only the three (3) identified members of the website team shall be evaluated by BCDA.


  1. The consulting firm that will be hired should provide the following services for the cloud hosting,  maintenance and enhancement of the NCC Website. The proponent should ensure proper implementation, troubleshooting and maintenance support for the website and can collaborate with the BCDA team and serve as a resource for problem analysis and solution.


  1. Site Administration


The proponent shall:


    1. Manage the existing NCC Website and its components.
    2. Recommend additional appropriate site components/sections relevant to BCDA’s marketing and communication requirements. 
    3. Manage security to protect information and existing content to prevent hacks, defacing, etc. In case of a serious incident, the restoration of the website from the most recent backup needs to be assured.
    4. SEO keywords and meta tags shall be applied to all key website pages and Google Analytics are installed.


  1. Regular Technical Site and Code Maintenance


2.1       The proponent shall secure the existing site during the transition to the new server and preserve all current website content and functionality.

2.2        Assure that the website is secured, maintained, updated and enhanced as needed. Data backups weekly, code backups as needed.

2.3       Provide 24/7 cloud hosting of the website to make it accessible to users worldwide regardless of location and type of device used.

2.4        Install, upgrade, or modify modules and security patches and upgrades including bug fixes as needed.

2.6        Troubleshoot any existing errors in the website including the testing on a variety of browsers and mobile devices to ensure that everything is looking and functioning correctly.

2.7        Implement and maintain a module for the generation of web analytics to determine the level of interactivity of visitors and analysis of their needs.



  1. Website  Maintenance


3.1        Upon turnover from the previous consultant, the new consultant should do a full analysis and assessment of factors that affect a website's usability and effectiveness to better understand our audience's behaviour.

3.2       Redesign select pages of the website, and assure the usability of

the website on all platforms to be smooth and seamless.


To ensure continuity and consistency, prepare a style guide for the

website. Design System/Styleguide Document for Developers

which documents a product's typography, color, elements and


3.3       Implement and design additional pages based on the requirement

of  BCDA.  The following pages have been initially identified by BCDA:


  • Home Page
  • Press and Media
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Clark Primer
  • Explore pages


3.4       Implement programs, applications, widgets, functions and other features requested by BCDA.  The said implemented items must adhere to the BCDA design and standards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

3.5       Maintain and/or install the latest version released of the website’s 

programs, applications, widgets, functions and other software, upon

release of the latest versions.

In the event of an update in the software, features, functions, widgets, etc., used for the NCC website, a user manual is to be submitted by the Consultant to inform BCDA of the said changes



  1. Content Management


4.1       Implement a system to control unauthorized downloading of content and images.

4.2       Manage the CMS interface to enable administrators to add users and set access controls for the system.


  1. Knowledge Transfer


5.1       Conduct a two-day hands-on training on the following:


a. Content management

  • The content management training will cover the basic website management such as uploading of content, editing of web pages, navigation of pages and accessing the dashboard among others.

b. Technical backend

  • The technical backend will cover the Technical aspects of the website management such as website hosting, existing server specs, overview on how to configure the server to 'publish' the website, backup and restoration, advance options in Security, troubleshooting guide (Error codes) and Installation of Plugins

The engagement of this website maintenance, enhancement, web hosting and administration services shall be for a period of one (1) year as reckoned from the date of receipt of the Notice to Proceed issued by the BCDA.

The proponent shall be engaged to render services contracted and shall report directly to duly authorized representatives of BCDA.

  1. BCDA shall evaluate those who have submitted Expressions of Interest, in accordance with the provisions of the revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act 9184 (R.A. 9184).
  1. The evaluation criteria are as follows:

Evaluation Criteria


Required Minimum Score







  1. Applicable years of experience of the Consultant/Firm


  1. Similar projects completed


  1. Qualification of personnel who shall be assigned to the project


  1. Plan of Approach/Project Methodology






The consultants must meet the required minimum score of 60% in order to be shortlisted.

  1. In addition to the Technical Proposal, the consultant is also required to submit the following documents to be used by BCDA as basis for the technical evaluation.


Valid and current Mayor’s Permit (city or municipal)/ Municipal License, where the principal place of business of the prospective bidder is located.


Valid Tax Clearance


PhilGEPS Registration Number


Company Profile


List of similar ongoing and completed projects of the firm from 2019[1]  August


CV of Consultant's Assigned Key Team Members (Technical Proposal Form 2)


Omnibus Sworn Statement (Technical Proposal Form 3)


20[2] [3] 20 Income/Business Tax Return

  1. The consultant is also required to submit their Financial Proposal in a separate sealed envelope together with the above-mentioned requirements/documents.  The financial proposal should not exceed the approved budget for the contract and shall be deemed to include the cost of all taxes, duties, fees, levies and other charges imposed under the applicable laws.  Only the financial proposals of the consultants who meet the technical score of 60% will be opened.
  1. This contract shall take effect upon the issuance and actual receipt thereof by the consultant of the Notice to Proceed with an approved budget contract of One Million Pesos (Php 1,000,000.00) inclusive of all applicable taxes, fees and incidental charges and shall remain in force and in effect until sixty (60) days after the turnover of all materials, processes, data, proprietary information and other related data and information provided to the consultant and which have been derived in relation to and as a consequence of the implementation of the Contract
  1. The BCDA invites interested consultants to participate in the procurement process and submit their Letter of Intent, Technical Proposal composed of the afore-cited Annexed A to H, and the Financial Proposal by hand on or before 09 September 2021 at 5:00PM.
  1. The Letter of Intent, Technical Proposal and the Financial Proposal shall be submitted by hand on the address below:



Officer-In-Charge, Investment Promotions and Marketing Department

Bases Conversion and Development Authority

2nd Floor, Bonifacio Technology Center

31st Street corner 2nd Avenue

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City


Your office may also contact Mr. Benjamin A. Abella III through email at baabella@bcda.gov.ph.




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