Small Value Procurement (SVP)
Request for Quotation

Date : 24 June 2024

PR #: PR0000673 Please quote your lowest price(s) using this form, or your letterhead. Also, take note of the following details:

1) Quotation/s shall be addressed to the Head of Procurement Division. Please indicate Solicitation or Reference No.

2) Send the said quotation/s to BCDA or fax the same at no. 8575-1785 not later than 28 June 2024.

3) Quotation/s submitted after the set deadline indicated in item no. 2 shall not be accepted/considered.

4) The quotation/proposal shall be properly signed by the authorized representative and/or the immediate supervisor.


BCDA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the quotations, or waive formally therein, or to accept quotation/s as may be considered most advantageous to the govt., or to pursue appropriate legal action should the winning bidder refuse to accept the award without justifiable reason/s.


1.) 35 ITEM CATERING SERVICES-TRAINING for Training on Diplomatic Protocol, Etiquette & Social Graces

Date of Event: July 2 and 3, 2024

Time: 7:00AM to 5:00PM

Venue: PCCI Innovation Center, 8 Meridian Avenue, 11th Floor, DD Meridian Park corner Macapagal Avenue, Bay Area, Pasay City

Good for 35 pax Php 1,500 per pax


Buffet Breakfast

AM Snacks Buffet

Lunch PM Snacks

Overflowing coffee, water and flavored drinks


Approved Budget on this Contract is Php 105,000.00


Prospective Suppliers who will bid above the ABC will be DISQUALIFIED


Bidders/Suppliers are required to submit the following Documentary Requirements upon submission of quotation:

1) Valid Mayor's/Business Permit

2) PhilGEPS Registration No.

3) Notarized Omnibus Sworn Statement



A) Unnotarized Omnibus Sworn Statement (OSS) is acceptable upon submission of quotation. However, the winning bidder/supplier must submit the notarized Omnibus Sworn Statement (OSS) within 3 calendar days upon notification of Notice of Award. Noncompliance on the timely submission of OSS is a ground for disqualification.

B) Suppliers who have previously submitted the above documentary requirements may no longer require its re-submission except for the Omnibus Sworn Statement.


Terms and conditions:

Price : (Inclusive of all applicable taxes)

Payment : 30days

Delivery : July 2 and 3, 2024

Validity of price : one month

Warranty : NA