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149 bags - (50kg)


(Please see attached TOR for complete details)



Grading Quality: 98% Head Rice, 2% Broken

Milling Degree: Well-milled (clean)

Grain Type: Long Grain

Color: White

Weight: 50KG net, 25KG net


Age: Bago

Appearance: Tender

Taste:  Sweet

Fragrance:  Aromatic

Packaging:  Sack with plastic inside


Drop point: Pamayanag Diego Silang, C5 Road, Taguig City


1.  Bids above the approved budget for the contract (ABC) shall be automatically disqualified. 

2.  All entries shall be made in writing preferably using the BCDA Request for Quotation (RFQ) and signed by authorized representative of the company.

3.  Samples shall be provided for the rice variety offered.

4.  Delivery period shall be at least within ten (10) calendar  days upon receipt of the Purchase Ofer.

5.  Payment terms shall be within thirty (30) calendar days upon delivery and acceptance, provided all documents are complete.

6.  Product warranty shall be for a period of fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of delivery and acceptance. The delivered rice that shall be returned by any of the beneficiaries due to valid reasons within the warranty period must be replaced immediately or not later than three (3) working days upon notice to the supplier.

7.  The rice sample is 100% compliant with the above specifications, evaluation shall be done not only by examining the sample but also by tasting it.  Hence, if the sample given by the supplier preliminarily passed all of the specifications according to physical appearance, it shall be further subjected to taste test to confirm 100% compliance with the specifications.


Look for MS. RITA HUERTA for inquiries at tel. no. 575-1784/1700


Other Information


Please fax your signed quotation together with your Mayor's/Business permit, PhilGEPS and BIR Registration and Omnibus Sworn Statement to 575-1785 or submit to BCDA Reception Area, 2/F Bonifacio Technology Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.


The contract shall then be awarded to the supplier with the Lowest Calculated Bid during the evaluation procedure. 


(You may use the attached pro-forma RFQ-Request for Quotation and Omnibus Sworn Statement)


BCDA reserves the right to accept and reject any or all of the quotations received formally, waive minor defects in

forms and requirements, or to accept quotations/s as may be considered most advantageous to the government or to

legal action should the winning bidder refuse to accept the award without justifiable reason/s.




Price: Inclusive of all applicable taxes

Payment: Thirty (30) working days

Delivery: Please specify (calendar days)

Validity of price: One (1) month