One (1) Lot Supply and Delivery of CCIE supplies

Goods and services

ABC:  PHP 989,760.00 VAT inclusive

PhilGEPS Ref No:  6726583

Please quote your best price(s) using this form, and/or your letterhead. Also, take note of the following details:

1) Quotation/s shall be addressed to the Head of Administrative Group. Please indicate Solicitation or Reference No.
2) Send the said quotation/s to BCDA-SCRP or email the same to on before 09 Dec 2019, 5PM.
3) Quotation/s submitted after the set deadline indicated in item no. 2 shall not be accepted/considered.
4) The quotation/proposal shall be properly signed by the authorized representative and/or immediate supervisor.

Bids over the approved budget for the contract (ABC) per line item shall be automatically disqualified.
The contract shall then be awarded on a one (1) lot basis (all items must have a bid price) to the Lowest Calculated and Responsive Bid (LCRB) who was determined as such during the evaluation procedure.

BCDA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the quotations, or waive formally therein, or to accept quotation/s as may be considered most advantageous to the gov't., or to pursue appropriate legal action should the winning bidder refuse to accept the award without justifiable reason/s.


pls quote per line item, quote should not exceed the ABC per line item

P 172,800..... 96 pair COMBAT BOOTS - sizes: 7 , 8, 9, 10, 11
P 144,000..... 96 piece BDA (BATTLE DRESS ATTIRE), sizes: SR, MR, LR
P 163,200..... 96 piece JUNGLE PACK
P  57,600...... 96 piece PONCHO
P  19,200..... 192 piece SHORT PANTS, Olive Drab, sizes: S, M, L
P  14,400..... 96 piece LOUSY HAT, sizes: 55, 56, 57
P  19,200..... 192 piece RAGLAN T-SHIRT, sizes: S, M, L
P  20,160..... 288 pair SOCKS, white, free size
P 115,200..... 96 pair RUBBER SHOES, sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10
P  28,800..... 96 piece BATH TOWEL, Olive Drab or Green, XL
P  19,200..... 96 piece BELT WAIST, Olive Drab
P 172,800..... 96 piece CHEST RIG/MAGAZINE BANDOLEER(for M16 Rifle, see attached picture)
P  24,000..... 96 piece BUCKLE BELT, stainless
P  19,200..... 192 piece UNDERWEAR, brief, white, sizes: S, M, L

Other Information
Terms and conditions:
Price: Inclusive of all applicable taxes, pls quote per line item, quote should not exceed the ABC per line item.
Payment: NET Thirty (30) working days
Delivery: _________________ calendar days
Validity of price: one (1) month
WARRANTY (if any):

Please submit or email the quotation together with your PhilGEPS Registration and Omnibus Sworn Statement (attached also as Associated Components in Philgeps Notice) to or submit to BCDA - SCRP at 9F One West Aeropark Bldg, Clark Global City, Pampanga.

For queries, pls look for Leonor M Rivera at (045)-4998617 / cel no. 09164343607

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