Bataan Technology Park

The Bataan Technology Park in Morong, Bataan is planned for an industrial and tourism development.

In March 1997, the entire municipality of Morong was proclaimed as the Morong Special Economic Zone (MSEZ), with the Bataan Technology Park as its Main Zone.  This 365-hectare property, is once the site of the Philippine Refugee Processing Center, which offered friendship, hope and new beginnings to some 400,000 refugees from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.  The Park houses 11 symbolic monuments and shrines constructed by the former Indo-Chinese refugees.  Read More

In 2011, BCDA and officials of the Bataan Technology Park (BTP) and guests unveiled a shrine commemorating Blessed Pope John Paul II, who celebrated Holy Mass before some 20,000 Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian refugees three decades ago on February 21, 1981.  To date, the Park maintains its identity as a “histo-cultural”, educational destination, owing to its rich history as the former PRPC, where the Philippines and its people played its humanitarian role as host to some 400,000 refugees from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam War in the 70’s.

Carrying on as a place of hope and concord, there are plans to transform the park into a spiritual pilgrimage destination for the international community.