Procurement of Posters and Various Signages in One (1) Lot

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Procurement of Posters and Various Signages in One (1) Lot:


1.)  Posters


Size: A2 (420mm x 594mm)

Paper type: 190gsm, matte photo paper

Full color printing

Quantity: 40





Acrylic Cutout letters


Acrylic Painted

Thickness: 6mm

Double adhesive mounting


and expecting results.

size: 1285.2mm x 185.6mm



size 2385.2mm x 63.1mm


2.b)  QUOTE 2 - 41 letters


Dogs bark

Size: 1047.8 x 273.8mm


but the caravan moves on 

size: 2674.8 x 213.8mm



Size: 760.9mm x 57.2mm


2.c)  QUOTE 3 - 26 letters


Focus. Disruption, Humanity

Size: 3766.3mm x 289.6mm


2.d)  QUOTE 4 - 70 letters


First life, then spaces, then buildings -

Size: 3412.1mm x 171.8mm


Jan Gehl

Size: 510.1 x 84.3mm


2.e)  QUOTE 4 - 63 letters


Only those who atempt the absurd

Size: 3235mm x 250mm


will achieve the impossible.

Size: 2520mm x 250mm


3.)  BCDA Room Signs


Size: 7.5" x 4"

Material: Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP), tactile text acrylic

Quanity: 4


4.)  BCDA Board Room Signs (Meeting Rooms)

Size: 8.5" x 8.5"


Material: Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) 3mm, Tactile Text Acrylic 

Quantity: 10 with text, 10 without as cover for the glass walls.


5.)  BCDA Lobby Logo

Stainless Steel

Hairline finish

Backlit LED (white)


BCDA: Size: 6985mm x 2540mm


Bases Conversion and Development Authority: Size: 1790.7mm x 317.5mm


Other Information


Please see attached Request for Quotation for the complete details.


Prospective suppliers who will bid above the ABC will be disqualified.


The contract shall then be awarded to the supplier with the Lowest Calculated Bid during the evaluation procedure.



1.  Certified True Copy of Mayors Permit/Business Permit

2.  Certified True Copy of PhilGEPS Registration

3.  Certified True Copy of BIR Registration


Look for MR. MIKE MANZON for inquiries at tel. no. 575-1700/1782.

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