Small Value Procurement (SVP)
Request for Quotation

Date : 3 July 2024

PR #: PR0000638


Please quote your lowest price(s) using this form, or your letterhead. Also, take note of the following details:

1) Quotation/s shall be addressed to the Head of Procurement Division. Please indicate Solicitation or Reference No.

2) Send the said quotation/s to BCDA or fax the same at no. 8575-1785 not later than 10 July 2024.

3) Quotation/s submitted after the set deadline indicated in item no. 2 shall not be accepted/considered.

4) The quotation/proposal shall be properly signed by the authorized representative and/or the immediate supervisor.


BCDA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the quotations, or waive formally therein, or to accept quotation/s as may be considered most advantageous to the govt., or to pursue appropriate legal action should the winning bidder refuse to accept the award without justifiable reason/s.


1.) 250 METER WIRE-ELECTRICAL, THHN Wire 80mm 3/0 AWG, Stranded, Color Red, ABC P950.00/meter

2.) 30 BAG CEMENT, Portland Cement, 40kg/bag ABCP230.00/bag

3.) 4 CUBIC SAND, White sand ABC P 2,800.00/cubic

4.) 4 CUBIC GRAVEL, 3/4, Crushed Gravel ABC P3,800.00/cubic

5.) 11 BOX WIRE-ELECTRICAL, THHN # 10, Stranded Color black, ABC P7,000.00/box

6.) 5 BOX WIRE-ELECTRICAL, THHN # 12, Stranded, Color Black ABC P6,300.00/box

7.) 250 METER WIRE-ELECTRICAL, THHN #80mm, 3/0 AWG, Stranded , Color White ABC P950.00/meter

8.) 250 METER WIRE-ELECTRICAL, THHN # 80MM, 3/0 AWG , Stranded, Color Yellow ABC P950.00/meter

9.) 40 ROLL TAPE - ELECTRICAL, Big, Black ABC P150.00/roll 9 PIECE SOLDERLESS CONNECTOR, for 80mm wire ABC P 1,300.00/pc

10.) 10 PIECE SECONDARY RACK, 3 Wire for 80mm wire with porcelain rack, with spool insulator and with post  ABC P 3,500.00/pc

11.) 1 PIECE DIGITAL ELECTRIC METER, Electronic digital KWH meter, 3 phase 4 wires, 120 volts 48VAC, 7 jaws with meter Base ABC P35, 000.00/pc.

12.) 20 PIECE REBAR, 10mm diameter, grade 40, 6 meter length, ABC P200.00/pc

13.) 40 PIECE MACHINE BOLT, 3/4 " x 5" length, Hex bolt with nut ABC P35.00/pc

14.) 5 KG G.I. WIRE, Gauge #16 ABC 100.00/kl 60 PIECE RECEPTACLE RUBBER, Rubber socket 4A, 250V, Weatherproof ABC P45.00/pc

15.) 7 PIECE PHOTOCELL SENSOR SWITCH, Outdoor type, Power source 220V-240V AC, Rated current 15A, Working temperature-20C-+40 deg C, Power Frequency 50/60 Hz Ambien Light 2 -100 LUX (adjustable) Working Humidity 93% RH


Suppliers are required to submit the following Documentary Requirements upon submission of quotation:

1) Valid Mayor's/Business Permit

2) PhilGEPS Registration No.

3) Notarized Omnibus Sworn Statement and Proof of Authorization (e.g., Secretary’s Certificate, Board/Partnership Resolution, or Special Power of Attorney, whichever is applicable)

4) Business/Income Tax Return (If the ABC is above 500k)

5) BIR Certificate of Registration (BIR Form 2303)

6) Company Profile list of clients for the past two years.

7) Photocopies of two (2) similar contracts with each project cost at least equal to the Approved Budget of the Contract (ABC)

8) Photocopy of certification by the FPA, NUCP, FDA and other related Pest Control Association of the Philippines.



A) Unnotarized Omnibus Sworn Statement (OSS) is acceptable upon submission of quotation. However, the winning bidder/supplier must submit the duly notarized Omnibus Sworn Statement (OSS) and Proof of Authorization within 3 calendar days upon notification of the Notice of Award. Noncompliance on the timely submission of OSS is a ground for disqualification.

B) Suppliers who have previously submitted the above documentary requirements may no longer require its re-submission except for the Omnibus Sworn Statement. Delivery Address: Delivery Site: ATHLETICS STADIUM STORAGE , NEW CLARK CITY CAPAZ TARLAC


Terms and conditions:

Price : (Inclusive of all applicable taxes)

Payment : 30 days

Delivery : 30 days

Validity of price : one month

Warranty : n/a